About Us


The Tech Buyer's Guru, LLC was founded by Ari Altman in March 2013 with the goal of contributing to the tech industry in a unique way. There were lots of tech sites out there, but none that presented tech in the straight-forward yet still comprehensive manner that would help readers of any experience level make informed purchasing decisions. There had to be a way to make buying PCs and other tech-related products, and especially building your own PC, a whole lot easier. And so TBG was born!

Prior to founding TBG, Ari spent several years as a high school science teacher in New York City and a few too many years as a corporate and government lawyer in Washington, DC. It didn't take long to see a positive reaction to The Tech Buyer's Guru, so he left those professions and the East Coast behind in April 2014 to run The Tech Buyer's Guru full time from Portland, Oregon. This site combines Ari's passion for teaching with his interest in all things tech, and he hopes you come away from TBG feeling positively informed, with all the background you need to make your next tech purchase a satisfying one!

Special thanks to Yosh Gunawardena for her amazing logo and website designs. Thanks also to Alex Mueller, founder of ten-four web development, and ace Drupal coder Chad Carbert, for their fantastic work turning a sleek web design into a smoothly-functioning web presence, and continuing to improve TBG's website on a regular basis.


All of our website photography is shot on a Nikon D750 FX Digital SLR using either a Nikon 50mm f/1.8G lens or a Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8G lens, mounted on a Manfrotto MVK502AQ tripod. The TBG website is run off a VPS hosted by the great folks at InMotion Hosting

Have feedback on our website? We'd love to hear from you! Contact us at theguru@techbuyersguru.com. Please note that due to the number of readers around the world using our guides on a daily basis, we cannot provide tech support via e-mail. If you need help, we encourage you to post a question in the TBG Forum, where we or other TBG readers can assist you.


Ben P. from Massachusetts: "After reading nearly all of the articles on your website, and many articles on other sites, I found your site to be the most clear and concise source of information. So thank you and keep up the good work!"

Bruce T. from Plainville, CT: The Tech Buyer's Guru "was most helpful from inception to completion with the construction of my new HTPC. The last one I built was in 2007 so needless to say much has changed. He provided tips and suggestions ranging from hardware and software selections to clearing frustrating final setup bugs. A great resource..."

Andrew C. from New York, NY: "I recently built a new machine for gaming and home-theater use. I've built many, many computers in my life, but this build proved especially challenging given that I was trying to squeeze a gaming rig into an HTPC chassis. As always, the Tech Buyer's Guru was a fantastic resource! He helped me select a GPU that would fit in my chosen case and provide enough power for the intended gaming use. He also helped me solve a pesky PSU/CPU compatibility issue and recommended some quality parts that were available at great discounted prices. If I ever need advice for a future build, I know where to turn."

Rebecca T. from New Haven, CT:  "My laptop recently died and it was fantastic to have help from someone who is so knowledgeable about the many models currently on the market. Buying a new computer can be absolutely daunting, but the Guru helped to narrow down my search and focus on laptops that would fit my needs. The Guru gave me excellent suggestions for several different flavors of computer, and it was awesome to hear his take on the pros and cons of each model. I absolutely love my new laptop and I strongly recommend his personalized buying advice to anyone looking to purchase a new computer!"

Jason T. from Washington, DC:  "I would highly recommend [the] Tech Buyers Guru.com to anyone who is looking for PC build advice and pricing. Aside from the site being a solid resource, Ari takes the time out to provide personalized advice as well. He took a look at the specs/components for a machine that we were looking to build and immediately added some useful insight which saved a ton of time and stress. Thanks again.

Chris B. from Brooklyn, NY:  "As always, can't thank you enough for your knowledge and insight. You alone have made this process probably a tenth as painful as it would be otherwise."

Bryan A. from Madison, WI:  "Ari was extremely helpful in the building of my new computer. He helped me first with a great build and gave reasoning behind the components recommended. He did not just throw together a list of parts that fit my budget, but instead asked questions on how I was going to be using the computer and put together components that do what I need them to do. After installing my components I had some trouble with my GPU. Ari again came to my aid to walk me through troubleshooting this problem and again helped me out with the installation of my second hard drive which my system was not recognizing. He has been a great help to me in this process of building my computer and I highly recommend his services. Thank you for the expertise, the assistance and the patience."