The Gallery

4k Build

Welcome to the TBG Gallery, where our loyal TBG readers get to show off their home-built systems! Thousands of readers from all over the U.S. and around the world have used our DIY PC Buyer's Guides over the years to build office PCs, small form factor systems, HTPCs, and extreme gaming builds. We hope you'll get some inspiration from their awesome creations!

While you can find PC parts lists all over the Internet, there's no telling whether these lists will actually allow you to build a well-optimized PC, or even if they'll allow you to build your PC at all! And that's where TBG and its readers play a critical role. In our How-To Guides, you'll find TBG's wide range of hands-on step-by-step builder's guides, and here in the Gallery, you'll find how our readers have turned them into their own unique creations. You'll even get their personal insights into all the the things they love about their systems, what they did to customize them, as well as challenges they experienced during the building process.

If you'd like to contribute to The Gallery, we ask that you provide a full write-up of your build experience, the parts list, and at least three photos. You can send them to Thanks so much!