TBG's Tech News Page


The Tech Buyer's Guru has been providing news and commentary for a long time, first on the TBG blog (which is now archived), and now here on our Tech News Page. What you'll see below is TBG's coverage of major events, the most recent being PAX in September 2016, as well as important tech news and significant product releases. In addition, from time to time we post commentary that cuts through the chatter to strike at the heart of issues critical to the future of tech.

What we won't be doing is rehashing the news you see on other sites, which is typically based on press releases, as we'd prefer to bring you the news ourselves, based on our interactions with various industry players and our unique perspective on the big headlines. The goal of our news coverage is to give you an insight into what's here now, as well as what might be coming in the near future!