Product Reviews


Looking for straight-forward, hands-on reviews covering a wide variety of tech products? We bring that to you right here - products we've used and tested, often for many months, with our honest impressions on all the pros and cons. We don't spend a lot of time reciting what you can read in marketing literature - we tell you what these products actually look like, how easy they are to use, and how they perform!

Many of the products profiled in our reviews are often ones we've researched and bought at retail, and even those that we receive as samples only make it onto these pages if we think they're worth buying. Frankly, it just doesn't make sense for us to take time publishing reviews on products we wouldn't buy ourselves. If we've published a review on a product, we'd definitely recommend it to our friends, our family, and to you, our loyal readers!

Note that starting in 2018, we will cease the publication of written reviews, as they no longer make financial sense, but we will continue to release video reviews on our YouTube channel from time to time.